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The Future Of Hiring In the Biotech Industry

The biotechnology industry is growing steadily. As of 2016, biotech firms in the United States employed nearly 1.7 million people, and that number has continued to rise. For those interested in biotech careers as well as those tasked with biotech hiring, understanding where the industry will be tomorrow could help build a better team today.

The 5 most in-demand jobs in biotech

One of the most exciting aspects about a career in biotechnology is that there is such a diverse array of professional opportunities. Biotech jobs focus not just on biology, chemistry and technology but can incorporate other disciplines including politics, healthcare, sales and manufacturing.

People pursuing a future in biotech may find the most opportunity by focusing on these jobs that are expected to be in demand through at least 2024:

  1. Medical/Clinical Lab Techs: Medical and clinical lab technologists are scientists tasked with collecting samples that will be analyzed to help healthcare professionals understand more about their patients’ well-being.
  2. Medical Scientists: This research-oriented position often involves working on clinical trials and other investigative projects aimed at discovering medical innovations that could help prevent and treat diseases including developing new medical devices and medications.
  3. Biomedical Engineers: This specialty combines expertise in both biology and engineering to design and implement software, equipment and even medical devices such as prosthetics that will be used to drive profess in the healthcare industry.
  4. Biological Technicians: Not to be confused with biological technologists, biological technicians are essential assistants, aiding biological and medical scientists in their work.
  5. Biochemists and Biophysicists: These scientists study the basic concepts of life, discovering new facts about the way thing work to help form the basis of new research/experiments that could lead to cutting-edge inventions across a number of exciting industries.

How is hiring in biotech different than other industries?

Because the future of biotech is so bright, there’s pressure on companies to bring in the best, most promising talent in order to outpace and outthink the competition especially the new expectation of the modern workplace. The biotech market is highly competitive. As with other types of science hiring, not only are candidates looking at what companies have to offer in terms of salary and benefits, they also want to know what kind of projects they’ll be working on and what their coworkers and supervisors will be like.

The multidisciplinary nature of biotech also means that companies are targeting candidates that may also be sought after by other industries. Put simply, the demand is often higher than supply, making it the interview process as crucial for employers as it is for potential employees.

Are biotech professionals in high demand?

No matter where you look in biotech, demand is on the rise. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for biotech includes a project growth rate of about 5%. The industry’s faster-than-average growth can largely be attributes to the important role biotechnology plays in research and development. As our society looks to create more environmentally friendly manufacturing practices, combat food scarcity and cure debilitating diseases, we’ll look to biotech companies to lead the way.

What do prospective employees look for in a biotech company?

Most prospective biotech employees start their wish list with the same benefits and company characteristics other modern jobseekers look for. That includes companies that:

  • Share similar values
  • Offer opportunities for growth
  • Encourage work-life balance

While salary is important, so is other “perks” such as health insurance, a retirement plan, paid time off and even stock options. The latter may be especially relevant in biotech when the employee could be contributing to the invention of a product or process with huge profit potential.

Given the nature of their work, biotechnology employees may also look for employers who will give them access to projects that seem interesting and feel meaningful. Biotechnology has the power to galvanize major change, and jobseekers may be swayed by an opportunity to make an impact.

When you work in the sciences, hiring the right candidate can be especially complex. To ease the burden on your HR department and ensure your next addition to your team will be a great fit, talk to one of our recruitment experts today.


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