President’s Letter

Thank you for Visiting PeopleSERVE, Inc.

Please note our mantra,

0 %....

Or Not At All

We use this guiding principle in all facets of our business, each and every day. We operate with integrity, grit, accountability, and we execute our commitments.

I have heard folks say they give 110% – but there is no such thing. 100% means that you have invested maximum effort.

If you are preparing to interview with our team, please be sure that you have taken the appropriate measures to understand our business and value system, to the best of your personal ability.

If you are a vendor who wishes to conduct business with our firm, understand that our expectation is 100%. In the event you are not ready to visit, that is okay. Reschedule with us when you are.

For candidates seeking assistance in the job search, or clients accessing our resources to address a business challenge, maximum investment is what you can expect from us.

If we are unable to fully invest in our commitment, we will candidly suggest alternative options… 100% or Not At All.

Perfection is unrealistic and mistakes happen. However, we believe that every day is a try-out, there are no shortcuts, and every opportunity should be earned.

The pursuit of excellence is not for everyone, and neither are we.

If you identify with these values…We are excited to meet you!

-Erik Schwartz

President PeopleSERVE, Inc.

Compete and win your talent engagement through the leveraging of real time market analytics.

Dedicated to understanding your goals and interests, and introducing you to the right opportunities.

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