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The Benefits of Working With an It Staffing Agency

The average job vacancy costs companies a whopping $500 a day. It seems like a no-brainer to kick off the hiring process ASAP but going from job posting to your new employee’s first day can take a lot more time, energy, and focus than people realize. 

The typical corporate job opening attracts 250 resumes. 

What areas of your business are going to suffer while you’re wading through that towering stack of information?

If you’re a Boston IT company with staff vacancies, an experienced recruitment agency can help you attract and qualify top talent.

Why outsource your recruiting efforts?

Recruitment is a demanding activity. Whether you’re a C-level executive determined to be hands-on in the hiring process or in-house HR tasked with filling a crucial role, you can benefit enormously from a staffing agency that knows how to bring the right people to your door.


  • Take over the most time-consuming elements of recruitment so you can focus on other key tasks
  • Know how to qualify applicants so you get higher quality leads
  • Have processes already in place to speed up recruitment while also saving money
  • Can manage multiple searches simultaneously
  • Reduce turnover right by bringing in suitable candidates

How does the recruiting process work?

While the steps involved in sourcing talent differs slightly from situation to situation, your Boston recruitment agency will likely follow a process that looks a lot like this:

  1. Recruitment planning: Think of this step as the consultation phase. Your agency will sit down with you to identify the needs of your organization and outline the characteristics of the ideal candidate.
  2. Talent search: Now it’s time for the agency to do massive amounts of legwork. They’ll comb through their own databases and look to other sources in order to find applicants who are qualified, motivated, and available.
  3. Screening and short listing: All viable candidates are now screened. This includes contacting references, running background checks, and ticking any other boxes specific to the job listing. The results of these screenings will help create a shortlist.
  4. Interviews: With a handful of promising candidates now identified, it’s time for interviews to see how applicants measure up in person.
  5. Evaluation and final offer: Finally, the agency in charge of your IT staffing will identify the most promising candidate and you can choose to extend an offer if you agree that it feels like a good fit.

What to look for in a recruitment agency

A great recruitment firm,  has one central task: to help people like you build a cohesive, successful team. But how do you know which recruitment agency to choose?

  • Industry expertise: If you’re a Boston tech company, work with a Boston staffing agency that’s familiar with your industry’s unique needs.
  • Sales ability: Recruit agencies are essentially selling potential candidates on the benefits of joining your company, so their agents should be knowledgeable and persuasive.
  • Approachability: You want an agency that’s easy to deal with so candidates (and you and your existing team) feel well taken care of.
  • Commitment: Your agency should want to find the perfect candidate just as much as you do.

Boston tech is a thriving field, and it takes more than commitment and innovation to stay ahead of the competition.  Learn what talent is expecting from the modern workplace.


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