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Overview: Immediate Critical Hire

Clients: SaaS Technology

Our client partners with institutions nationally and holds operations globally.  Their core business consists of quick, high-volume transactions that occur around the clock.

Objective: The staff level revenue-producers utilize various applications that run queries against several databases.  Unexpectedly, our client experienced a drastic lag in response time due to a database performance issue. 

This problem affected the core platform, which negatively impacted the number of transactions that could be processed.

Solution: We partnered with the CTO and CFO to understand their concerns and technology landscape.  Together, we defined the profile of the required resource and established a delivery timeline in alignment with our client’s time-sensitive need. 

Result: Given the time-critical pressure our client was under, our recruiters quickly delivered applications within 24 hours.  Additionally, we assisted our client in an expedited interview and onboarding process. The Subject-Matter-Expert, a high level and experienced SQL Architect, was in the seat the following business day.

The SME was tasked with (1) assessing the problem, (2) executing the solution, and (3) making further recommendations.  Our consultant completed the engagement successfully and is now working full time with our client.


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