Investment Management

Overview: Staffing a Development Team

Client: Investment Management

Our client is a national investment management firm.

Objective Our client’s objective was to develop an enterprise application with the purpose of (1) enabling quick access to financial products, (2) automating processes, and (3) generating financial reporting for their executives.

Solution: Our client needed to augment the existing development team with highly-skilled professionals consisting of UX, UI, Back End and BI Architects and Developers.  In a strategic partnership with our client, we developed an expedited talent acquisition strategy which outlined:

  • Hiring timeline and prioritization – focusing on critical hires within the first 2 weeks and staging other hires over a span of 6 months
  • Establishing talent criteria given market/external factors
  • Streamlining the hiring (interview and onboarding) process to quickly capture top talent in the allotted time
  • Recruitment delivery milestones which were reverse engineered from our client’s project timeline

Result: The collaboration enabled a clear understanding of our client’s needs and pain points.  With a customized vetting process, we selected applicants aligned with our objectives. Each member, who was identified and placed, possessed domain knowledge, an extensive design and/or development background, and recent project experience with up-to-date tools and languages.


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