The Benefits of Working With a Staffing Agency

No matter how good your product is, if you don’t have the right people in the right positions in your organization, you won’t get the results you deserve. But finding top-quality talent is challenging—especially in today’s labor market where IT talent is hard to come by.
Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. With a Boston staffing agency like PeopleSERVE, you can let experts in IT staffing handle your talent acquisition while you concentrate on what you do best—your core business activities.

What is the main benefit of outsourcing your recruiting efforts to a staffing agency?

Outsourcing your recruiting efforts has a distinct advantage over using your in-house resources. If you use a recruitment firm that specializes in Boston IT talent, you’ll benefit from the firm’s expertise and talent pool:

  1. Expertise: Instead of having to explain the qualifications needed for the position you’re looking to fill and describing the associated job duties, an agency that’s experienced with contract IT staffing will already have a good understanding of the demands of the job. 
  • Oftentimes, the recruiters have worked in the tech field themselves. That means they’ll have the ability to select candidates who are a good fit for the specific function. 
  • They learn and fit candidates to your organizational culture
  1. Talent pool: 
    • An established IT recruitment firm has an extensive network of proven talent they can approach about the position you’re looking to fill. Remember: The best talent is passive, meaning that they’re currently employed and not actively looking for a new job.
    • They’ll know what the candidates’ specific experience and qualifications are, and in many cases, they’ll be able to vouch for them because they’ve been working with them for long periods of time. 
    • In addition, they’ll also know candidates who have been working on short-term contracts who are looking for new gigs, as well as others who simply haven’t found the right position yet. 
    • And on top of that, they’ll know where to advertise the position to attract fresh talent—for example on LinkedIn or industry associations’ websites.

How does the recruiting process work within a staffing agency?

  1. Understanding the open position: When you work with a staffing agency, the first thing the recruiters will do is ask specific questions about your organization, the role, and the type of candidate you’re looking for.
    The more details shared allows them to select the right candidate for your open position.

  2. Develop a robust job description: When they have a good understanding of your requirements, they’ll write up a job posting and publish it. They’ll also reach out by email, phone, or text to candidates in their network who they believe will be a good fit.

  3. Candidate Screening: The staffing agency will diligently screen applications to find candidates who possess the desired skills and experience for your open staffing position.

  4. First Round Candidates: The benefits of working with a staffing agency, is their time commitment to only put the top candidates in front of your decision makers. These top applicants will receive a skills assessment that determines if they make it to the interview round. 

  5. Second Round Candidates: The recruiters will then shortlist likely candidates and present their résumés to you for your feedback. A handful will be chosen for a second interview at which you or your hiring manager will usually be present. After this, you’ll be able to select your first and second choice candidates.

  6. Candidate Selection: Your recruiters will put together an offer that’s geared towards the first-choice candidate’s preferences and make them an offer. Depending on the candidate, there may be some negotiations. Once the candidate has accepted your initial offer, your recruiters will follow up with a background check and any other screenings you might require before a contract can be signed.

How does working with a staffing firm save me and my company time?

If you’re a Boston tech firm looking to hire one or more new employees, doing it yourself is highly time consuming. 

In fact, Investopedia reports that on average, it takes companies 42 days to fill a position.

The process involves: 

  1. Writing a job description that’s optimized to attract the right kind of talent
  2. Placing the job ad in places where the best candidates are likely to look
  3. Sifting through the applications to select likely candidates
  4. Administering and reviewing skills assessments
  5. Performing multiple rounds of interviews before you ultimately settle on the right individual or individuals
  6. Put together a contract, negotiate with the candidate, and perform background checks.

The benefits of working with a staffing agency is the time saved and knowledge gained in this process. You and your company are free to use all of the time that would otherwise be spent on the recruitment process to focus on your daily operations.

What should I look for in a staffing agency before deciding to invest in their services?

As Business News Daily advises, it’s critical to find a staffing agency that’s right for your business—and one that has a good reputation. 

You want to work with a staffing agency that will bring value to your company by connecting you with top-quality talent you can rely on.

  1. Does the staffing agency have solid references?
  2. What are the recruiters credentials and track record?
  3. Understand their process for talent selection and screening
  4. Be informed about the staffing agency contract offers and includes

Are you looking for a Boston staffing agency you can trust to find you top-quality tech talent?

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