PeopleSERVE - Strategy & Commitment

Staffing as a Strategy

A Successful Team Begins with A+ Players

Too often, staffing is viewed as finding a round peg for a round hole – just put a body in a spot.

PeopleSERVE’s approach is different. We advocate that our clients think of staffing as a business strategy.

Why? Because the consequences of a bad hire can lead to organizational instability, less productivity, and more work for managers (not to mention sleepless nights). Conversely, a good hire fuels morale, productivity and business results.

PeopleSERVE’s staffing-as-a-strategy approach enables an organization to:

  • Focus on its core competencies – World-class organizations keep their eye on the ball. PeopleSERVE allows you to attend to the activities that drive your organization’s success while we take care of your hiring needs. We will save you time and money by eliminating your need to handle the advertising, recruiting, interviewing, screening, reference-checking and credentialing aspects of the hiring process.
  • Hire for added value – Technical competency is the basic requirement for any IT project resource. Organizations thrive when their people contribute beyond the bare minimum. Hiring and retaining “A players” is the hallmark of world-class organizations, and PeopleSERVE is all about finding those high-caliber resources for our clients.

PeopleSERVE provides staffing-as-a-strategy support to its clients. We will:

  • Serve as a staffing counselor – PeopleSERVE’s recruiters talk to clients about what they’re working on, and different staffing options that may suit their needs. Will an organization be best served by a short-term contract resource or a permanent hire? Or perhaps a specialized implementation firm? There are many options, and when you work with PeopleSERVE, determining the right one for a particular need is a collaborative effort. In fact, we often help clients write the job description, and then help them fill it.
  • Deliver more than we sell – Sometimes the optimal solution to a client’s staffing challenge is a resource outside PeopleSERVE. We routinely provide our clients with introductions to experts in highly specialized technical domains. Working with our partners, we can offer advice and guidance about how to undertake a project, as well as how to staff it.


Our Commitment

IT Staffing Services — Up to Your Standards

An IT staffing firm is only as good as the consultants and service it provides to its clients. PeopleSERVE’s commitment to employers in the Boston area is to:

  • Make each client’s success the standard of our success – PeopleSERVE’s job is not simply to place a person in a position, but to help that individual contribute to the organization’s success. We work with each client to ensure the person you hire through us is a valuable member of your team.
  • Act ethicallyand responsibly – As a professional services firm, PeopleSERVE adheres to the highest standards of ethical business conduct. We are unwavering in our commitment to being honest, transparent, and candid in all our communications and business dealings, both with our clients and our consultants.
  • Ensure you get your money’s worth – PeopleSERVE is a business, but we’re not in business just to make a buck. We are committed to earning both our fees and your trust. We work hard to ensure that each time we place an IT professional in a client organization, it’s a good “personality” fit and a productive relationship for all parties.