Strategies for Career Success

Whether you’re making a career of IT consulting, or you aspire to be a full-time employee of one company, the basic strategies for career success are the same.

Strategies For Career Success

For starters, ask yourself: Where do I want to go? What do I need to get there? What are the steps along the path? If you can’t answer all those questions today, don’t worry. They are big questions, and the answers can be complicated. Seek perspective and guidance from other people you respect and trust.

Most likely you will need to update your skills and/or learn new ones to stay current with technology – now, and throughout your career. In a field like IT, “continuing education” must truly be continuous; embrace it. PeopleSERVE can help identify training and professional development resources that meet your needs.

And don’t expect your career path to be a straight line. For example, even if your goal is to work for a large organization, the best way to get more responsibility sooner may be at a small organization; you can then leverage that experience to get the position you want, at the company you want. Also, don’t underestimate the importance of growing and nurturing your network. Make as many professional connections as possible by attending networking events, navigating through LinkedIn, and spending time with colleagues.  

Most importantly, recognize that you are in charge of your career. The primary responsibility for planning and action rests with you.

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