Our Commitment

We recognize that an IT staffing firm is only as good as the consultants it works with. PeopleSERVE’s commitment to IT consultants is to:

  • Put you first – We live by the “Consultants First” philosophy.  We know we have no business without you. PeopleSERVE wants to build a long-term relationship with you, so we promise to treat you fairly and with the respect that you deserve.
  • Position you to succeed – When we place a consultant in a project assignment, we believe one thing above all: You can succeed there. In every engagement, we consider your skills, your experience, and your interests. And above all, we make a special effort to know you.
  • Support you on the job – When you work with PeopleSERVE, we have your back. You are not out there alone on a job site. We stay in touch with you and with your manager, helping to ensure that things are going smoothly. And if they don’t, we’re ready to jump in and trouble-shoot a situation to resolve it in a way that’s fair to all parties. 
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