Questions that IT Consultants Frequently Ask

Q: How is PeopleSERVE different from other staffing firms?

A: We’re a people business, not a numbers business. With us, it’s all about the relationship. PeopleSERVE makes it a priority to get to know you, your interests and your career goals so we can help you to achieve them as we identify consulting assignments for you. Also, we provide additional services to help you succeed in your job search and career development, such as resume support, interview preparation and professional networking.

Q: How will PeopleSERVE help me to get better assignments?

A: By getting to know you. We want to understand who you are, what you’re doing now, why are you looking to leave, and what’s most important to you for your next move: The challenge? The technology? The commute? The hours? The flexibility to work off-site? Or just the money? We’ll give you advice on improving your resume and tailoring it to each opportunity.  We’ll teach you to do your homework prior to each interview, and how to make yourself stand out to a hiring manager.

Q: What do I get beyond a paycheck from working with PeopleSERVE?

A: You get personal service and an advocate. PeopleSERVE is a small organization, so people here know who you are. We reach out to you on a regular basis to make sure you’re happy with your opportunity. We advocate on your behalf with the client for performance reviews and increases, as appropriate.

Questions that IT Consultants Frequently Don’t Ask… But Should

Q: How should I evaluate my fit for an IT consulting assignment other than by my technical skills and experience?

A: Check out the environment and talk to other people who work there to see if it’s the kind of place where you’d be happy. During the interview, ask the hiring manager questions to verify your assumptions about the assignment and the environment. No detail is too small: Check the commute when you go to the interview. Go on LinkedIn to find other people you may know that work there, and ask them why they like it. How long do people typically stay there? What do they like about working there?

Q: What other skills would help me to become more marketable as an IT consultant?

A: The greatest skill anyone can bring to any job is the desire and ability to solve problems. Be proactive — understand what needs to be done, go above and beyond the call of duty, and make yourself invaluable. Always project a can-do attitude, and hone your communication skills.

Q: What should I be doing to advance my career?

A: The very same things that make an IT consultant more marketable will help you to advance your career over the long term. Develop a reputation as an effective collaborator and problem-solver. Keep your technical skills current. Take an interest in what your colleagues and supervisors are doing, so your knowledge of the organization and its business continues to grow.

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