Erik Schwartz

Erik Schwartz

President, PeopleSERVE Inc.

Erik is an industry veteran, committed to creating a mutual benefit for PeopleSERVE’s clients, consultants, and employees.

15 years of service with global staffing provider, responsible for client acquisition/retention while scaling core business revenue 3x from 2009-2016.

Erik has held various roles within its subsidiaries; ranging from entry level contributor to sales, operational, and executive management.

Track record of delivering customer ROI through customized solutions.

Ground level experience in post-acquisition integration, establishing specialty service offerings, and advising client partners in maximizing budget and expense reduction for 3rd party talent engagement/workforce management.

Former President of Connecticut Staffing Association, responsible for rejuvenating chapter after several years of dormancy, still maintaining active membership in several trade organizations within staffing and technology.

Led Management Buyout of PeopleSERVE in June of 2018, returning the firm to its roots as a privately held regional provider.

Erik holds a BA from Ithaca College.