Questions that Employers Frequently Ask

Q: How is PeopleSERVE different from every other staffing firm I work with?

A: It’s all about the relationship. PeopleSERVE makes it a priority to get to know you and your organization, so we can provide you with IT consultants who are a perfect fit and who add value beyond their technical skills. PeopleSERVE actively advises clients; we don’t just place “bodies” in positions.

Q: What experience does PeopleSERVE have in my specific industry?

A: For more than 14 years, PeopleSERVE has provided talented IT consultants to state and local government agencies, educational institutions and commercial enterprises in the health care, transportation, high tech, and finance fields. We are a certified Woman Owned Business (SOMWBA &WBENC), Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), and Small Business Enterprise (SBE).

Q: Where does PeopleSERVE find its consultants?

A: Our best consultants come from our network. Our recruiters are talking to IT professionals all day, every day. We work hard to keep our relationships current and fresh. We attend networking events and do a lot of grass roots work to get to know people. Of course we use the Internet, including LinkedIn and various job boards, but consistently, our best consultants come from people we know.

Questions that Employers Frequently Don’t Ask … But Should

Q: How can an IT staffing firm help me to become a better hiring manager?

A: By helping you to clearly determine your needs, define your positions, and evaluate talent. At PeopleSERVE, we do a lot of probing on the front-end of an assignment to help you clearly define what you’re looking for. As we provide candidates for you to review, we’ll highlight things about them that map to what you said was important. Then we help you structure interview questions to ensure you elicit answers that are meaningful. We’re hiring professionals, so we know the questions to ask to find out whether or not a candidate is being truthful.

Q: How can an IT staffing firm help me to improve my organization’s overall effectiveness?

A: The members of your team largely determine your organization’s effectiveness, so everything an IT staffing firm can do to help you hire, develop and retain the right people improves organizational effectiveness. Conversely, it’s very costly to hire the wrong person. The management time lost on-boarding, training and ramping up a person who ultimately doesn’t work out represents part of that cost; the team and project disruption is another part. That’s why hiring is scary; the costs associated with doing it wrong are high. Expect an IT staffing firm not only to find consultants with the right technical skills for your needs, but also who are a cultural fit for your organization. The best IT staffing firms maintain a relationship with you and the consultant to ensure your “partnership” stays productive, and any problems are identified and resolved quickly.

Q: How should I evaluate and measure the IT staffing firms I work with?

A: Does your IT staffing firm take an ongoing interest in the success of your project and organization after a consultant has been placed? Does the firm place somebody and stay in touch to make sure they are working out? What happens when there’s a problem? Does the firm run and hide, or step up to the plate and take care of it for you? The firm that comes up with solutions should get much higher grades than one that offers only excuses.

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