Boston, MA
Date Posted: December 05, 2017
Employment Type: Contract
Job Id: 4118

Job Description

Our Boston, MA client is searching for a Prototype Developer to add to their team!  The Prototype Developer works as a member of the Investment Technology Team within our client to build solutions that support the investment process. In this role, working with a small team, the Prototype Developer will be challenged to quickly develop solutions ranging from very simple, just to gather user feedback and trust, to proof of a concept to be further developed by the team later, to a fully functioning standalone application ready for release into our existing framework. Each prototype will likely involve some data modeling, leveraging existing data assets and tools, and specific UI development for user interaction for a given business need.

The successful candidate will not only bring problem solving ideas to the team, but also be able to demonstrate how they’ll work. We are looking for someone with substantial experience in designing and implementing JavaScript-based solutions, preferably with Angular or similar. Any candidate should be comfortable with developing JavaScript-based libraries and components that are modular, well architected, and designed for maintenance and extensibility.  Additionally, they should have experience designing intuitive, responsive user web-based user interfaces. In addition to the user interface skills outlined above, someone in this role will have exposure to a variety of other technical areas, including Data Virtualization, Hadoop, and C# application development.

Primary Responsibilities:

· Design and develop software systems, both independently and collaboratively with the rest of the team, ensuring the resulting code is well structured, tested, extensible, and maintainable.

· Look for opportunities for reuse as part of solutions – either reuse of existing approaches and tools, or opportunities in this project to build components that can be a foundation for future work.

· Work closely with Portfolio Managers, Analysts, and Traders in order to understand and refine requirements, and incorporate feedback into the development process.

· Manage technical debt, placing a high value on refactoring, collective code ownership, and improving the design of existing code.

Desired Skills:


· Our client uses many technologies to solve problems, but considers the following technologies to be core to or custom development:

o SQL Server 2016, C#, Angular 4.x, Hadoop, Cisco Data Virtualization, Restful Web Services

· In this role we are looking for someone specifically with UI experience, but developers interact with and contribute to other areas depending on skills and interest. The following list outlines technologies we use:

o UI Layer – UI Developers should have experience using Angular or similar JavaScript framework (e.g.: React) to create responsive single page web applications. Must have an understanding of best practices in JavaScript development, including proper design of components so that they support extensibility, testing, and reuse. Should have solid UI/UX design skills, with a good understanding of browser behaviors and CSS.

o Service Layer – Application developers should have experience using C#, with a solid track record in designing, building, and deploying applications to production environments. Ideally that reflects depth in creating well designed applications (layering, separation of concerns, SOLID design principles). Should have experience with building significant computational / logic oriented libraries, as well as creating interface layers using REST Web Services and providing access to backend data stores.

o Persistence Layer – Database developers should have demonstrated experience with relational database design, including data modeling and normalization. Should have experience with SQL Server as a database, programming experience using Transact-SQL, and knowledge of best practices for identifying and addressing performance considerations (indexing, efficient usage of SQL, etc). Exposure and familiarity with Hadoop and/or Data Virtualization are not required, but are differentiators.

· Ability and desire to collaborate, sketch and discuss designs at a whiteboard, engage in pair programming, ask for help before you need it, and openly share code, designs, and ideas.

· Experience with the following techniques, libraries, and tools are helpful:

o Agile Methodologies – any of Scrum, Kanban, and/or Lean      

o Test driven development (TDD)

o Git, JIRA


 Job Requirements:


· A positive, energetic, self-starter attitude

· An eagerness to solve problems

· Overall 5+ years of software development experience

· Depending on role, one or more of the following

o 4+ years with web UI development – ideally experience with Angular 2+, React, or similar.

o 4+ years of experience programming with C#

o 4+ years of experience with SQL server

· Excellent communication and organizational skills and ability to communicate with non-technical investment professionals

· Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science strongly preferred

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