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Hiring the right person for a project is critical to its success; hiring the wrong person can be a disaster. It’s a subjective, time-consuming process that can intimidate even highly accomplished executives. Given all their other responsibilities, it’s difficult for technology managers to devote the time required to successfully recruit a new person.  That’s why so many turn to PeopleSERVE.

We talk to the people who may be the right fit for that open req every day. And because we’re professional recruiters, we can cut through the fog that often obscures what a candidate truly knows (and doesn’t know) how to do, and the experience they really bring to the table.

Our consultative approach to IT staffing adds value to the process by helping managers identify their needs, assess their options more clearly, and have confidence in the decisions they ultimately make.

IT Consultant Advocacy

PeopleSERVE helps consultants secure and succeed in IT project assignments. Because we know our consultants’ skills and personalities, we can put them in an environment where they fit best, and in roles that suit their skills and experience.

Because we want all our consultants to succeed, we coach them throughout the hiring process. We help them craft crisp resumes and compelling stories, and prep them for each interview. And if an employer does not see the same fit we do, yet we’re convinced, we’ll work hard to help them understand what our talented professionals bring to the table.  We can do that because, at PeopleSERVE, we know our clients, and we believe in our consultants.

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